Knowing God.

It has been quite a while since I’ve written anything. I think between school and the myriad of “20 things you should know so you can conquer the world before being 21 that singleness is goodness…” articles I just got tired of writing and found it overrated. But, I realized that writing is a passion of mine. Expressing the glorious truths of Christ using intellect and eloquence just fuels me!

Anyway, there has been a lot that has happened between January and now. A majority of tension or struggles in my life has come from relationships. The question that has most recently popped in my head is as I observe people in my life is, “Do you know God?”

It is quite common, I would argue, in Christian circles to challenge the “fan” mindset of society and encourage the “follower” mindset. In a sense, that is what I’m doing, but I want to approach it differently, so here it goes:

The reason that question pops in my head is because the way that people act. I am a whole-hearted believer that everything we do flows from what we believe about God and our relationship to Him. This is true even for non-believers. They’re belief about God is that He is non-existent and, thus, their relationship to God is, very sadly, an enemy. There are differences among Christians. One example is that some believe God exists, but more specifically that God is a God of wrath and their relationship to God is fear; they constantly live in condemnation. These people live in the false idea that each of their sins condemns, and that God continues to look upon them with disappointment. Then you have some who believe God exists and wants to give you everything and wants you to be prosperous. These people live in complete ignorance that the Cross was a bloody, horrendous sacrifice that allowed them to live, and live pseudo victorious lives.

Then there is a group who doesn’t have a particular view of God as far as I can discern now other than He exists. Perhaps they have really no understanding of belief of who God is other than He exists. This causes the person to have no relationship whatsoever with Him. God and His love and grace have become arbitrary things to admire. In the same way someone could admiringly say, “The red of this square is so good!”, one could unknowingly say, “The love of God is so good!”. There isn’t understanding there. They simply admire a pleasing quality about a God they know nothing about.

So, this question “Do you know God?” comes from an observation of people who hold no conviction of who God is as well as those who do. You know these people because they are very easy to spot out. Other than the constant admiration of an ambiguous quality or god, these people have sincerity. They have a deep conviction of a Holy God that is lovingly involved in their lives. That the Spirit of Christ dwells in them richly continually affirming their lack of condemnation in their lives (Romans 8:1) and constant outpouring of abundant love and grace (Romans 5:8).

So do you know God? God is a person to know and grow closer to. He is not solely an object to be identified and admired like the mountains or the sunset. Surely, it is good to marvel and admire Him, but do you marvel and awe at who He is? His character, His being? When you read the Scriptures, do you hear His voice and see His personality?

I challenge you to ask yourself: “Do I really know God?” I’m not asking you to reevaluate your salvation, the Spirit will affirm your adoption as sons and daughters. I’m asking if you know the One who has taken you into His family.


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